How To Find Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies

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I frequently hear from individuals who want to become secret shoppers; however they don’t have the foggiest idea of how to start. It is really easy, especially with the accessibility of the Internet that can help you to discover secret shopping companies, complete applications and find tasks to complete.

The issue for a large number of these potential mystery shoppers is they are having a difficult time finding legitimate companies to apply to. They view companies that want them to pay to become shoppers. They see misleading ads about mystery shopping. They want to avoid being scammed. So how would you realize which companies and sites can be trusted?

Let’s solve this issue right now. Here’s one approach to discover secret shopping companies. Use a search engine like Google or something similar and search for the term, “mystery shopping companies.” This will bring up different websites that are real mystery shopping companies.

You can save yourself time and download over 100 mystery shopping companies by going to

In the event that you need to research an organization prior to applying, you can do a search for the organization name on the discussion boards at

When you get to a point where you are taking a look at a particular shopping organization site, watch for warning signs that may indicate to you the organization may not be legitimate or possibly a place you don’t want to apply.

One red flag is they are charging you to apply to become a shopper. Never pay an expense to apply. Legitimate companies WILL NEVER ask you to pay to become a mystery shopper.

Here are a few more signs to be aware of…

Look for any contact details. Do they list a location? Do they have a phone number? Does the website appear professional? Are there a ton of misspellings on the page?

Simply use your best judgement when applying to different mystery shopping companies. If you have doubts about a particular company, then do a little research before applying or move on to a different company.


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