About Me


I was born and raised in the inner city of Detroit, MI. After high school, I joined the Navy and spent 3 years living in Hawaii as a marine diesel mechanic. After my duty in the service, I moved to Atlanta, GA where I became a automotive mechanic. I worked for various dealerships as an automotive mechanic for 15 years, but decided I wanted to start my own automotive repair business. I eventually ventured out on my own to strive for my dreams of owning my own business.

When the housing market crashed, I was forced to close my business. However, I didn’t allow that to stop me from reaching my goal. In the interim, I began working as a independent contractor for various field inspection companies. After several years of performing inspections, I decided to venture into internet marketing. I currently work a full-time job as a contractor and work my online business on a part-time basis. My ultimate goal is to work full-time from the comfort of my home with my online business in affiliate marketing.

I began incorporating my spiritual journey into my entire life including personal and business. The reason why is because as I began to look deeper within myself I realized who I was at the core of my existence and my purpose in life.

Here’s a little more about my story and my why:

I’ve always enjoyed helping others. Seeing others succeed! I’ve always had a giving spirit. My passion was exemplified when I started marketing just over a year ago.

But I never truly realized my true potential. I never thought my story, my words or my thoughts would impact anyone. Or, if anyone would have any interest in what I had to say.

I asked God to lead the way. To show  me the path in my life He wants me to take. Then one day I got my answer. It was placed on my heart among the many signs I was receiving. The answer He gave to me was…… “it’s time for you to be free.”

You see, I was given all the signs before I came to this realization. The answer came from the people I knew, messages from people I didn’t know and even situations I happened to run into.

I was fearful at first…He said I don’t want you to be afraid, I’ve got your back

I was hiding in the shadows…He said I want you to stand brave in the open and show people who you really are!

I was quiet and kept my thoughts to myself….He said I want you to open your mouth and speak your truth to the world.

When I listened and followed His guidance, my eyes and heart began to open and my life started changing. My belief in myself was stronger than ever!

I was no longer fearful as to what others thought of me.

I was no longer hiding behind the curtain of shame.

I was no longer silent and began speaking my truth.

I began to stand strong in the person I AM! In who I was meant to be!

By setting myself free, I am amazed to see people actually listening. They are actually watching. People are paying attention. Their lives are impacted by my words. And they are inspired by my story.

Why stop now? I thought to myself. If I can be free, so can YOU! That’s when #ItsOurTimeToBeFree was born.

So I decided to share with others the idea and FACT that You can be free mentally, spiritually, and financially. Believe me when I say, All of my needs and all of your needs are met no matter what!

I invite you to partner with me on this freedom journey so you too can begin or continue to live free! It’s our Time to be free!

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