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After years of personal experienceds and writing about personal development and spiritual growth I'm proud to share my free ebook "Investing In YOU." Inside you'll discover my Most Powerful Methods for Creating the Life You WANT to Live. How??...By Nourishing Your Mental Garden to enhance your spiritual connection and growth.

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About the Author

My spiritual journey started in 2012, when I was sick and tired of being unhappy with my life. I needed something more. Something more fulfilling. I knew I was destined for greatness and I refused to settle for less than my worth.

I went from a career of fixing cars to fixing lives. Enough was enough. I began my journey of freeing myself from all the self-imposed limitations of this world. I began to LIVE FREE. My mission is to help others live a life of freedom and discover the life they've dreamed about.


My relationship with my friend Jay has been fulfilling!!! She's the most honest, down to earth, revealing, funny, people person that I have ever worked with I will work with her again because of many of those reasons alone and besides that shes PHENOMENAL!!!!

Earl Howard

You are an incredible amazing person that goes out are her way . To make sure everyone is ok . You also bring positivity to social media. You are a blessing to many people in person and on social media. Thank you for being a wonderful person. Despite the pain you had endured in your past. Some how you find the strength to fight the good fight. You still have have enough love to share with others. You have encouraged me in many different ways. Love ya sis . 

Sherri Brothers

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