Use Past Mistakes to Make a New Success Mindset

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What’s up guys? You should know me by now. I’m Jay and I hope by now you are taking your new venture serious enough to learn from your past mistakes to start making changes in your life so that you can allow room for a successful mindset. Today I want to bring to you a short article about using those mistakes for a new mindset so that you can carve the path to success.

Use Past Mistakes to Make a New Success Mindset

Every single decisions matters. Every choice you have made in your life has led you to the point you’re at now.

And when I say that, you are probably thinking of all those big choices you made. The choice to go into a certain career for instance, the choice to move to a certain part of town and the choice to marry a certain person. Change any of those pivotal moments and everything would be different.

But what about those smaller choices? And what about the choices you make all the time, simply through inaction. When you choose not to look for other work, when you choose not to challenge the system.

And when you choose to ignore the nagging voice inside that is telling you: there’s more to life than this.

It’s scary stuff because it means that no moment in your life is inconsequential. But it’s also incredibly liberating – right now, you have a million choices open to you and you can take any of them. But how to know what to do?

Make a Map of Failure

If there’s anything you’re unhappy with in your life, then chances are that you got there by making certain choices and decisions. These are your failures and you are now bearing those scars in your daily life.

Many of us will accept our lot in life and accept these mistakes and thus continue to live a life less satisfying.

But what if we change this approach? What if instead, we take those things we’re unhappy with and we vow to learn from them – to not make those mistakes again.

Did you get to the point of being unhappy in your work by not speaking up and going after a raise? By not looking for work elsewhere? By not taking the chance to go after your dream?

Are you unhappy with your financial situation because you chose not to budget? Or because you chose to take out a loan for something you didn’t need – something that didn’t help you on your path to success?

Don’t feel bad about these mistakes – just recognize them for what they are. And knowing that, use the opportunity to head out there and really make a difference – to embrace the life that you want.

Next time the opportunity comes up – take it. And don’t fail to speak up: start telling people what you want. Want to fix your finances? Come up with a budget and stick to it.

It’s not too late, if you are able to learn from those mistakes!

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