5 Steps To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

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5 Steps To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are belief systems that we have a tendency to hold onto inside our minds. These beliefs are sometimes limiting, negative and impeding our growth. we have a tendency to adopt these limiting beliefs as a child and it becomes difficult to control or eliminate them. However we have to eliminate those limiting beliefs if we wish to manifest our deepest desires in life.

These beliefs may look different or could look the same for many people and they come in several forms, such as:

I can’t(example: I can’t talk to strangers because I get anxiety when I do!).

I should not(example: I should not wear clothes that make me feel comfortable because people may look at ME, like I’m a freak).

I don’t have(example: I don’t have enough time to work on my dreams now because I’m too busy working my job!).

Other people(example: People don’t like ME, maybe because I’m too quiet or look funny).


The problem here is, after you take a look at these beliefs closely enough, none of them are true.

The beliefs you may be feeling or have about yourself are results of your past and you haven’t acknowledge and confronted them yet. Holding onto these beliefs is not a good idea because it limits you and how you interact with others.

If you really want to manifest your deepest desires, you have to challenge and confront these limiting beliefs that is hindering your personal growth. When you make the decision to challenge these beliefs, the result of doing so can be essential to creating the life we actually want to live. It’s never too late to begin the process of eliminating these limiting beliefs and replacing them with new positive beliefs so that the negative ones don’t manifest in our life.

How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

There are steps you can take today if you want to overcome your limiting beliefs and begin life in a more new fulfilling direction. These steps can guide and help you remove all of your previous negative limiting beliefs and help you take on life with a new understanding and greater confidence.

1. Acknowledge Your Limiting Beliefs

The first step is to be completely honest with yourself. What limiting beliefs do you believe you have? Take a notebook and write down the limiting beliefs that you believe are preventing your personal growth. These beliefs may include things from unworthiness, fear, lack, etc.

For example:

I can’t speak in front of huge large crowds.

I don’t have enough money.

I’m not good enough to be the leader of the group.

And so on…

2. Uncover The Core Reasons For Those Beliefs

After you list all of your limiting beliefs, try to understand how you took on each belief in the first place. There could be multiple reasons, however most times, it stems from our childhood experiences or societal programming.

For example:

I can’t open my heart to love someone because of the hurt I’ve experienced in the past.

I can’t speak in front of large crowds because everyone will be judging me.

I can’t smile or talk to strangers because my parents told me it was bad.

3. Be Conscious Aware That Those Beliefs Are Just Not True

If we consciously take a look at the examples presented above, we are going to determine that almost all of these beliefs are not justified. Usually, these beliefs are a result of having one (or more) previous bad experiences and automatically your brain goes into flight or protection mode to avoid the situation. However this may be changed by shifting our thoughts to a more empowering one. Be aware that many of those beliefs are not true and the foundation the beliefs were built upon are subjective.

4. Take On New Empowering Beliefs

The next step in this process after acknowledging that the previous beliefs you had are simply not true is to create new beliefs for yourself. Create new beliefs that serve you and not any that tears you down. Make sure you select new beliefs carefully because your new beliefs can manifest into your life.

After changing all of these limiting beliefs with new, empowering, and positive ones, begin acting as if. Begin acting such as you are the new person who has all of those positive beliefs within them. It’d be difficult to change at first (It might take weeks or months), however with dedication, you can get there.

Let’s take this limiting belief example:

For the previous limiting belief “I can’t speak in front of large crowds”, modify that belief to say “I am confident speaking in front of large crowds & I have a superb public speaking ability”. Once you do this, intentionally act as if you’re confident speaking in front of large audiences. You can do this once you learn some tips about being an excellent public speaker, be part of a public speaking community and look for challenges to prove your new-found beliefs.

5. Gather Proof As You Challenge Your New Found Beliefs

After completing all of the steps above, the next thing you’ll want to do is look for proof of your new-found beliefs. You may notice that the additional time you pay believing and acting like ‘the new you’, the more it becomes true in your reality.

You can finally say good ridance to self-limiting beliefs! Congratulations, you are now more empowered and prepared to take further steps towards manifesting your deepest desires and living the life of your dreams!

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