4 Steps To Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

4 Steps To Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


When we talk to ourselves, negatively or positively, it becomes part of our belief system. A belief is an acceptance of something in your mind regardless if that belief is true or not.

What we believe shows up as a mirror in our life, mostly unconsciously. Our beliefs fuel how we experience and interpret life.

For many years, I suffered with beliefs that weren’t true. It all stemmed from my past experiences and the beliefs of other people.

For years I believed…I wasn’t good enough. I believed I was a failure. I believed I could never do anything right.

These beliefs shaped how I showed up in the world. I had defined myself as NOT being good enough so my actions reflected just that. Back then, I wasn’t taught to think positive and I didn’t know anything about the tools I could use to change my life. So I didn’t see a reason to change my life because I believed my life was useless anyway.


Until I was open to the possibility that “if I change my thoughts, I can change my life.” I also learned, 90% of the time we talk to ourselves with nearly 50,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative.

How can we EVER have a positive outlook on life if we talk negatively to ourselves this much? We simply can’t UNLESS we change the way we think! When we change the way we think, we change how we show up in life.

If you are someone struggling with self-sabotaging beliefs hopefully these tips will help.

1. Become consciously aware of your limiting beliefs

 Sometimes we don’t even know we have these hidden beliefs until it’s triggered.

2. Take a look at the evidence

Once you notice a belief, look for evidence to support it.

3. Establish a new belief system

 Make your new beliefs empowering.

4. Take action

 Knowledge without action is worthless. Get support, find a mentor who can relate or do the inner work yourself.

Do whatever it takes to become a better, more improved YOU!

Life today is so much different. My life is no longer restricted because of the false beliefs I HAD about myself that I held to be true.I am now living a much happier and healthier life that is no longer shackled by my past stories.

I’m living proof your life can change.

My mission in life is to help those who are ready to stop the self-sabotaging thoughts so they can start living life on their terms and not by the terms of negative thoughts.

If you are tired of your negative self-talk plaguing you and you want support to transform your life and FINALLY silence the inner critic, then I would suggest you check out this life changing program Silencing the Inner Critic.

Let me know your thoughts below.



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