11 Positive Thinking Exercises to Attract Wealth and Success

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 Believe it or not, performing positive thinking exercises can have a huge impact on our daily lives. Our quality of life improves, our energy vibration rises, and our success with the Law of Attraction increases simply by practicing positive thinking exercises.

You may find it difficult at first to stay in a positive state of mind when you feel your life may be in disarray or when you’re having a bad day. However, if you continue on a daily basis with this list of positive thinking exercises, you will find staying positive will become easier as each day passes.

Here’s 11 positive thinking exercises you can start doing today to help stay positive to attract the wealth and success you desire.

Positive Thinking Exercises

1. Use only positive words when speaking. Try not to use negative words such as “can’t”, “don’t”, “not”, or “won’t.” If you’re constantly using these negative words, you may convince yourself it is true. Try replacing them with positive ones instead such as “can” or “will.” This will allow positive energy to flow to you and soon you’ll attract wealth, love and success into your life.

2. Practice positive affirmations. This positive thinking exercise is a popular one among the world of successful people. Positive daily affirmations are a great way to keep you motivated and optimistic. Positive affirmations are statements you repeatedly say to yourself daily to make you feel good inside. You can say to yourself daily “I am worthy of love”, “I am successful” or “I am a money magnet.” When you repeat these affirmations, you are reminding yourself of everything good and you will start to believe in them more and more as each day goes by.

3. Perform meditation exercises. Performing meditation will allow your mind to be still and focused. Meditation also reduces stress, increases awareness, and increases happiness. If you are new to this exercise, don’t worry, you can start by meditating for short periods of time. Start with 5 minutes and increase your time gradually as each day passes. I recommend you perform meditation at least once a day. By doing this, it will provide clarity and get your creative mind flowing with ideas.

4. Smile. It’s been proven that smiling puts you more in a positive state of mind. Sometimes all it takes is a simple smile to put you in a better mood and make you feel good about life and yourself. Practice smiling even when you’re not in such a great mood and watch how your day gets brighter.

5. Practice Gratitude. Express gratitude for everything you have in your life. There are many ways you can practice gratitude. For example, you can be thankful for having a great day at work, a good commute, money you needed to pay bills, or it can be a simple smile from a stranger. It’s a good practice to keep a gratitude journal to jot down all the things you are grateful for. At any time you can go back and reflect on all the good that has happened to you. The more you are grateful for the things in your current life you’ll begin to attract a more positive experience in life.

6. Practice the mirror technique. Whenever you stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say what you like about yourself. Give yourself a positive boost of confidence, celebrate yourself, tell yourself “you are amazing.” In no time at all you’ll begin to feel good about yourself, think more positive and build your confidence level up. People are attracted to those who exhibit confidence in themselves.

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7. Make peace with your past. This may be the hardest for some people to do. Holding on to the past will only keep you stuck in life. For instance, Have you forgiven yourself for your past mistakes? Do you find yourself reliving or thinking about a bad situation, a pain or hurt that has happened to you? Do your best to let the past go because you won’t be able to truly move forward holding on to the past that you can not change. Accept and forgive what happened and move on. Instead of focusing on the past, focus on the present because that’s where your power lies to change your future.

8. Create a personal mantra. Your personal mantra is similar to an affirmation. Your mantra should be something personal to you that you repeat everyday that includes words that inspire you. It will also remind you to remain positive each day. You can repeat your mantra during meditation or any time you feel relaxed and calm.

9. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Look for positive things around you on a daily basis. You can look for positive things about your life, yourself or even other people. Surround yourself with people who will motivate and inspire you. Keeping good company will help you stay inspired. You can take comfort in their positive attitudes. Another positive thinking exercise to fill your mind with positive thoughts is to read or listen to motivational books and videos. Surround yourself with positive images. These are good practices to motivate you and push out negative feelings.

10. Practice visualization. This simply involves using your imagination with visual mental pictures. You can use this technique to visualize your dreams as if it has already happened. Furthermore, If you desire wealth, love and success in your life, image to yourself what that would look like to you. How would you feel if it were already true? This positive thinking exercise has many benefits including: activating your creative subconscious to generate new ideas, it activates the law of attraction to attract people and resources to achieve your goals, and it builds your internal motivation to take action steps to reach your goals. In conclusion, Practicing visualization is a powerful tool that accelerates the process of achieving your desires.

11. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Most of us tend to beat ourselves up for our mistakes or when things have gone wrong. Beating yourself up is not going to change the outcome. Learn to be forgiving to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re forgiven and allow yourself to move on. Use your mistakes and failures as a learning tool to grow. Remember, instead of beating yourself up, give yourself credit for what you have done right. Allow yourself to feel confident even if you have made mistakes or failed in some area.

While this does not happen overnight, if you ensure you put them into practice in your everyday life your life will drastically change.

I hope these positive thinking exercises help you attract the wealth and success in your life. If you do, let me know in the comments below.

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